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    citizen: center vs core height

    On a citizen Swiss center and core height seen to be about the same thing. Can someone tell me what the difference is?

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    On your Prep page:

    Diameter = X
    Core = Y
    Longitude = Z

    (Why they dont just call those offsets X Y Z i will never know...)

    They potentially could be almost the same if you have tools with minimal offsets from theoretical center.
    CNC Product Manager / Training Consultant

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    They are the SAME thing! Just a different term for it. I believe the "CORE" is the CENTER. Jinglish

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    Yes...thay are the same, on my B-12s they call it center, on my L-20s they call it core. What will really through you is when you have to input the output to move programs around on a B-12........Cogs is right, Japanglish.

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