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Thread: FreeCAD?

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    Does anyone here use it and will it convert to CAM?

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    Apr 2013
    I've never used it but was interested by your post so I ran out to google and did some quick sleuthing. A number of people I came across mentioned how it was fairly buggy as it's Open Source software still in development. Seems there are plenty of ingenious people out there that have figured out various workarounds for the bugs and such. This guy claims the file type it uses (.stp) "are widely supported by different CAD/CAM applications". So it may work for you.

    This Sourceforge page lists all the import/export options: SourceForge.net: Feature list - free-cad

    Looks like it could be something fun to tool around with...but may be more trouble than it's worth for serious work at present.

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