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    Angry Colchester 2000L Fanuc OT

    I bought a used Colchester 2000l with fanuc OT

    I cant seem to get the machine from auto(Program,Edit) mode to any manual modes (MDI,jog,handwheel)

    When I put the machine it defaults in to MDI, but when I put it into program mode it will not then go back into MDI.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, David

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    Hi David,

    Looks like you cannot select the CNC mode freely. I sorry to tell you the CNC mode is controled by the PMC logic, so the only way to resolve this issue is find out the machine logic. You can find it in the CNC, also sometimes the machine supplier prints it and bind with machine manual.

    Good luck!


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    Can you jog the axis ? Or any Alarm is there on Screen ? Had you checked the parameters related to MDI ? What I understand Is it , That your MODE SELECT rotary key / Soft Key not working / Functioning ?

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    Are you out of emergency stop mode? Estop will make some fanucs stay in edit mode.

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