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IndustryArena Forum > Engraving / Art Design Software > General Jewelry Design Software > Vectric VCarve Pro - Embossing Dies - V-Carve toolpath problem
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    Question Vectric VCarve Pro - Embossing Dies - V-Carve toolpath problem

    I make Embossing dies out of 7 mm Magnesium Alloy. They are not bigger than 150mm x 100mm.
    For my roughening, I use a 3 mm router bit. 5 mm deep with an offset of 0.4 mm.
    And for finishing I use a 6 mm x 60 Deg V-bit 1.5 mm deep. To save time, I use the "Use Flat Area Clearance tool" function and add my 3 mm bit to it.

    This will create "chamfered edges" on the artwork. Attachment 185784

    My problem is that I have a border around the artwork that I'm machining, now the finishing tool goes and machines the border as well. (I cut the die out off the stock using Profile toolpath)

    I want to know if there is any other way to prevent it from machining the border.
    See Picture Attachment 185780 V-Bit is the Purple tool path.Attachment 185782

    This extra toolpath on the border is wasting time, how can I remove it without editing my cnc* file.


    is there any other similar software that will help?

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    Re: Vectric VCarve Pro - Embossing Dies - V-Carve toolpath problem

    HI Sir,

    Have you found a solution to this problem using vcarve?

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