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    center finding

    Can anyone suggest a quick easy way of checking drills, reamers etc are on center? I am working with a Star ST38 and need to get the tools spot on center to have any chance of achieving the tolerances asked, it needs to be easier/quicker than using a dti so the setters can check them during setup. Thanks.

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    matching gage pin in holder and guide bushing, push them together and read across the two with a mic, should be gage pin dimension.

    i personally sweep to zero put that in geometry page, any boring bar offsets go in wear then all i have to do is zero wear to return to drill

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    use a pin gauge in the er collet,..touch off to the bar stock in x and in y...do the math....for example...working with .500 dia barstock,..and a .250 dia drill/shank... use a .250 pin gauge in er collet...using a piece of paper,..jogging /handling y axis... when you "touch" positin should read x.750 (barstock .500+ pin gauge .25)...say you touch at x.760..you would need to offset your x -.01...if you touched at x.740..you would offset x+.01....

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    make bushing i.d. .156 o.d. bushing or collet size, make it out of brass
    use test indicator .0001
    put it all in the bushing or collet
    tighten, test indicator can not be loose
    call your tool to X0 or Y0, I use Y (SV32)
    hit position page
    use jog mode to indicate I.D. tools
    input + results to geometry page
    that it`s
    this is for all machine. simple and extremely fast


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