ive started posting this and only just realising i dont have any pics at all! oh my! ill fix that soon!

i went out on a small narrow twig and purchased an el cheapo rc bike from fleabay. nitro.

appears to be a cheap rip off of a thunder tiger nitro... or expensive ripoff, iunno.

not the best of designs. awkward and flimsy.

after struggling to keep it running, i swapped the plug and finally got a chance to LEARN how to control an RC bike.

strangely, doing so vastly improved my cornering on the real bike

it also showed the flaws in the frame design. tapped out certain parts to M5 instead of 3, etc etc... then the engine started getting issues, being a "hex" starter.

so i went out on another very slender bough and purchased an OS18max.

managed to squeeze it in with some filing and so forth, and straight away, instant improvements! idling! transition! power! wheelstands! crashes! hi speed thrills!

it ended up being quite sad

so i got to drawing and so forth... lets see now... maybe, just maybe...

google sketchup...

Attachment 188298

my very basic 3d drawing... engine mount and frame subchassis. there should be more! i made a third piece! shocky top mount! grrrr!

made them two bits(and a third!), and everything assembles with the old swingarm from the original bike, etc. i made one mistake. the motor mount i stuffed is my keyring. forgot sprocket clearance and machined too much away from elsewhere to fix it when i realised.

ill take some pics, and maybe start on the rest of this thing! the front sub chassis, then the two side panels so far, undrawn. im feeling motivated despite it being winter. rescue my hi torque brake servo from the car, and a micro for the steering. heli spare

basically it came to a grinding halt when i made the swingarm bearing holes undersize. the intention being to get a 13mm endmill and "ream" them.

so, it was four months before i saw any endmills.

but i did end up reaming those holes with perfect results then it went back on the shelf... oh well.