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    Leaking Hydraulic Fluid From Chuck

    I have a okuma lb 15 and is leaking hydraulic oil from the chuck I assume its a seal or something by the actuator was wondering if anyone knows how to take the machine apart to get to the seals and actuator so I can inspect everything and see why it is leaking.

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    Guaranteed it's the rotating seal inside the actuator. Dangerous condition right now, especially on an Okuma. Okuma shuts off the hydraulic system during an emergency stop and relies on a neutral solenoid to hold pressure. With the leak, it won't hold any pressure and that part will fly out.

    Not too bad of a job to get it off really, you need to remove the chuck, remove ring of cap screws on the actuator to spindle flange, drain and hydraulic hoses come off, prox switches and some the anti rotation bracket. The actuator will come out with the draw tube. Most older Okumas have a lock ring you can then loosen and unscrew the drawtube from the actuator.

    The actuator itself has some gotchas to repair. I know of at least one hidden screw that gets everbody the first time and breaks the casting. Also, most of the time the actuator will need to be honed. I usually send them out to get rebuilt with new bearings and seals, since i didn't want the possible injury liability on those.

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    Ok thanks for the help going to start taking apart if anyone else has any other advice please feel free to share.


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