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IndustryArena Forum > Metalworking Machines > Syil Products > x5 Speedmaster 4th axis setup issues
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    x5 Speedmaster 4th axis setup issues


    Let me begin first by saying I am a newb. I've been doing CNC for about a year with my x5 speedmaster and am now looking at 4th axis stuff.

    I'm trying to setup 4th axis on a x5 speedmaster. I've attached a jpg of the part I'm trying to make. Nothing special but I thought it would be a great first project.

    With the standard settings in the mach3 imperial file that I downloaded from the Syil site things don't seem to work properly and I don't know where my issues lie. (if its Visual Mill or my settings file for Mach3).

    When I tell it to move 1 it moves giver take 25 degrees, this issue was listed in another post not sure how it was fixed. Also it seems to rotate slow when set to 50 in/min. At 50 in/min, Visual Mill simulation says it would create the part in 15mins and in 3hrs its barely 1/2 way. And at this point, the 'ears' of the part are starting to show but then it cuts of them off.

    Anyone have any insight or the proper settings file for Mach3?

    Thanks in advance,

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    if it moves slow check motor tuning I configure them to around 3 or 4 turns per minute.

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