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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > SprutCAM > why wont sprut drill a simple hole?!
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    why wont sprut drill a simple hole?!

    I am working on v2 of a part that I have done once in sprut with no issues (well none related to sprut at least) the first time around...

    it is a fairly simple part, the first op is to drill a 0.201 hole at x=0,y=0...
    for v1 of the part, I didn't even need to select a face or anything, there was a 0.201 drill loaded up, there was a 0.201 hole in the model, sprut just kind of put the two together and figured out what to do...

    for v2 of the part, no matter what I do, what faces I select, or I even tried edges just for a change, still nothing... when I run the compile/create/whatever it is you run in the machining tab I get the pretty little green check mark that says everything is just fine and dandy, but no tool paths get created...

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    I see this problem from time to time, and this usually fixes it for me:

    Assuming you have placed the .201 hole in the Job Assignment for the Hole Machining Operation, highlight the item in the Job Assignment pane and then click "Properties." A Hole Editing window will open with fields for Diameter, Z Max, Z Min, and Depth. These fields have to be filled in for Sprut to generate a toolpath. For whatever reason, Sprut sometimes fills these automatically, other times it leaves them blank and you get the problem.

    Hope this helps.

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    dkaustin, thanks for the suggestion, I checked the properties, and there is data there today, also, when I tried assign the job again today it just worked...
    I guess sprut just got tired yesterday and needed to rest overnight before becoming happy again?

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    Sometimes I have to save the file, close out Sprut and reload it, that seems to solve some of its ills.

    I try to specify the drill diameter as .001 smaller than the hole in the drawing, although in later revisions that seems to work if they are both the same size.

    For drilling holes I click center in setup after selecting the hole otherwise it wont do anything.

    This is for sprut 7 that I have.
    mike sr

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    This usually happens when you drill op from 0.202 at x=-0.1 and y=0 or different at angles. You have to put both y and x 0 so you may get good results from it. You can get more detail about the sprut drill @ https://britishcoursework.com/law-coursework where you can easily understand how to sprut drill in the right way.

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