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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > General CNC Machine Related Electronics > Replacing TB6560 driver board's driver chip. Is it possible?
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    Replacing TB6560 driver board's driver chip. Is it possible?

    Hello there,
    I have been using this board(3 axis) to drive my diy cnc router i have build a couple of weeks ago.
    but tonight, the worst happened.

    i have been trying to start engraving, but i keep missing steps specially with z axis.
    but i tried my 4th try tonight to machine a pretty detailed relief when suddenly my X axis started shaking
    then KAPOOF, magic smoke.

    i am pretty low on budget today"as senior student on highschool"because i have bought stock materials to be machined.
    and i am trying the cheapest way to fix this.

    i could either buy it from australia so it takes less waiting time for 65$
    or wait a month for 45$ price
    wait a month and fix the chip for 6$

    is resoldering the chip possible at all?
    there is one burnt track which both goes under a capacitor.

    thanks, i hope someone can help me,

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    I haven't done it, but I have seen reports of other people doing it.

    Rather than trying to desolder the pins with the chip in place on the board, they cut off all of the pins at the body of the chip and then desolder the pins one by one.

    Then carefully solder the pins of the new chip back into place. I do not recall whether they used thermal paste before reattaching the heat sink, but you can probably figure that out by looking at the heat sink after you remove it.

    If you have a burnt PCB track perhaps you can solder in a wire jumper in its place.

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    It is doable, but might be a waste of time. Most 6560 boards were incompetently design and can self destruct even if you did nothing wrong.

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    As H500 said, unfortunately these boards really are crap, and any money spent on them is just throwing it away. They are just a bad design, and suffer from many issues, not the least of which is the peculiar power up/down sequence that can blow the drivers at any time.

    You could fix it for now, but you have a fairly good chance one or more will die again. In your case I would save for a G540, even though it's well outside your budget now. It will be far cheaper in the long run.

    cheers, Ian
    It's rumoured that everytime someone buys a TB6560 based board, an engineer cries!

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    i have only bought this driver as i didnt know what to get back then and i thought it was good for a starter and it turns out to be good.

    I have gotten a new one today instead of resoldering it, but once it blows up again ill try salvage it with the old one.

    but once i start making money i will SURE replace this board.


    haha my name is ian too

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