Hi all, new user here, trying to get familiar with a pin marking system. From what I can see it's using a mercury marking head but with MaxMotion running in Windows95 connected thru a step motor driver interface box by parrallel port. The PC died, and MaxMotion won't run in a 32bit operating system, stable enough to be used anyway. I'm no expert at motion control so forgive me if I'm vague.

I'm not sure if I can run any other software on a modern O/s and print directly to the engraver or if I'm restricted to this setup. Apparently the design came out before LinkMotion was created, so I'm under the impression my options are limited. The pin marking head works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas? I know throwing money at someone else might solve it but if i'ts just a matter of getting software running on a newer o/s that would save me alot more downtime.