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View Poll Results: Would you be interested by a kit granite / epoxy CNC ?

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  • Yes, self-completed (you cast the frame with instructions).

    26 50.98%
  • Yes, ready to assemble / use (minimal work to completion).

    19 37.25%
  • Not at all.

    6 11.76%
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    Kit CNC : who would be interested ?

    Hey all

    I was lately in the process of building en Epoxy Granite CNC mill and this actually gave me an idea. Sending machines is often difficult because of the weight and size. So the idea would be to sell kits for EG machine building. The kit would include for instance servos plus drivers, controller, wiring, ball screws, and linear rails, the spindle, and various fixtures. This would be inexpensive to ship. Then, the buyer of the kit would have all the instructions so build the mill itself in the most simple way one could find. This would decrease the overall cost as most of the work would be done by oneself, and not by the seller. Off course, help would be provided all along and the controller would be already set up for the machine, as well as the included wiring. The machine could be easily cast in self-made MDF molds. Meanwhile, the included fixtures would provide correct alignment of the rails.

    This is a very rough estimate of how it would work, but if it turns out some people think the idea could work, then I might consider pushing things further.

    Thanks for your consideration !


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    I would be interested

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    Thanks for the input ! Have you answered the poll ? What kind of machine exactly would you like to see : how many axis, what dimensions ? What speed and stiffness ?


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    Just a few thoughts.
    There are many many suppliers of good quality stepper systems that are pretty much plug and play. I think you might do better if you partnered somewhat with one of those providers. Like CNC Router parts. You could design your existing machine around some of his products already available. Then you could focus your time and efforts producing and shipping just the parts of your machine or forms needed to complete it.
    CNC router parts already does this for a few machine designs.
    I am not affiliated with them, but I am a very happy customer.

    This method will allow you to get into the business without a lot of capital and a warehouse. If it does well, then later on you could start investing in your own electronics packages to sell. Just a thought.

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    Jun 2012
    Thank you for your comment. I would be considering mostly DMM ac servos for high performance. As I have seen when converting my own Sieg SX3, there is a lack of high-end tabletop machines. You can either buy a full size commercial CNC or convert a crappy manual mill like the Siegs, which definitely lack stiffness, and are equipped with dovetails. Plus the spindle revs at too low of a speed for convenient cnc operations (1800 rpm is a joke). In the end, you spend twice as much in upgrades and parts than in the basic machine itself, buying what you already had of lower quality.

    So far nobody has been interested in a kit which required a casting of the base. I can understand that as it's still a serious job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow_submarin View Post
    So far nobody has been interested in a kit which required a casting of the base.
    With my vote, just cast, that option is now in the lead.

    I have a low cost Grizzly G1006 bench top milling machine that I'm going to convert to CNC, but it's definitely an exercise in turd polishing. Even after replacing the sloppy lead screws with ball screws, it'll still not be rigid enough for serious precision. I think I can do useful work with it, even with its limitations, and it'll be a quick and fairly easy conversion. I should sell it and buy a better machine to convert to CNC, but my shop is in the basement, and I'm getting too old for moving machine tools. I might be enticed to move out the Griz and get a kit that I can fabricate on site, or, I'd be very interested in a nice granite/epoxy based machine if I ever moved and had a proper shop with more room and easier access. It sounds like it might be a great way to do more of the work myself, which I enjoy, while actually making sense to do the work myself. I'm not going to set up a foundry and start pouring cast iron.

    While I like the mechanical part, I'm more of an electrical guy. While many people would want a complete kit, I'd like to have the option to buy just the mechanical part and supply my own motors and controls.

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    Jun 2012
    Thanks for your input.

    I totally agree. I thought the same about my SX3. By the time you change for ball screws, you have spent a third of the price of the machine, and the quality of dovetails will never equal good linear rails, plus the obvious lack of stiffness (they are very cheap about the column, poor torsional stiffness).

    I felt like self-casting could be a good idea for several reasons. The first being reducing the cost, obviously. But that also enables you to customize your machine (include stand, for instance). And ultimately, choose the dimensions. I would propose AC servos to get the best out of the linear rail / ball screw / EG combo, but I am aware that most people would like the option to downgrade for steppers, for cost, or even choose their own setup, as you would. That is absolutely acceptable.

    Amongst those of you interested by the idea, how does the idea of 3+ axis speak to you ? For my personal setup, I would definitely opt for a 4th axis used as a lathe, plus a tilting head as 5th axis. How about ATC ? Who's in favor ?



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    Re: Kit CNC : who would be interested ?

    According to the statistics, most people chose the self-completed, but in anyway, about 80% people have interested in it. :cheers:
    ISweek(http://www.isweek.com/)- Industry sourcing & Wholesale industrial products

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    Jan 2018

    Re: Kit CNC : who would be interested ?

    I wouldn't mind something similar to a PM25 mill but with at least these differences.
    1: 220mm Y axis.
    2: The Y axis base full length (no table overhang)
    3: 5000rpm 1.5kw servo spindle.

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