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    Quote Originally Posted by Tailgunner View Post
    I believe the Bridgeport series 1 CNC that I want to buy has to big, sturdy eye-bolts on top of the ram. Is it okay to lift the entire machine using these eyebolts and a crane to get it on a truck. Don't have a manual where I can look it up.
    like this one? if so, you can see in the pics the plastic panels on either side of the ram have been removed - there are is a large hole through the casting through which a strap will pass.

    if its not that style, just sling around the ram

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarHeelTom View Post

    I have the book, and the book gives the dimensions to make that eye bolt bracket. The eyebolt is intended to lift the ram off the machine, not to lift the entire machine.

    Thanks for the warning. I won't do that then.

    Thanks for the additional information and picture Mcgyver.

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    Re: Moving machinery with a Pallet Jack

    Well, I started this thread a DECADE ago! I've had many machines (mills, lathes, surface grinder, etc) and moved each into and out of my garage, even moving houses a few times. I just finished putting together a video that answers a lot of the questions I had 10 years ago - about how professionals move machinery without breaking a sweat. I tried to edit in a way that helps anyone new starting with a retrofit project, or even just buying a manual machine for the garage. A lot of the basic techniques (toe jack & machine skates) are easily accessible to hobbiests on the cheap - either by making or renting these tools. I also highlight why someone might consider paying for a rigger, even when professional rigging seems very expensive compared to the purchase price of a used machine.

    Actually, I have a few other videos about machine moving. If you're interested, you can look at my channel. Among the videos, I share the shop-made machine skates and toe jack I built to move machines around the garage at will.

    Hope it's useful to a new generation of DIY machinists. =)
    my blog: http://www.mechtopia.com/blog

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