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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking > General MetalWork Discussion > How did you learn the Machinist trade?

View Poll Results: How did you learn the Machinist trade?

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  • On the job training

    188 23.62%
  • From a family member

    45 5.65%
  • Apprenticeship program

    131 16.46%
  • Vocational Tech School

    167 20.98%
  • Self taught

    250 31.41%
  • Military training

    15 1.88%
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    Feb 2019
    I have learned through the proper course which is based on 8000 hours along with onsite practical training. Now enjoying my life!
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    Feb 2019
    I am doing machining when i was in college and become a proper millwright after completing my 4 years of degree.

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    Re: How did you learn the Machinist trade?

    Learned in college and the first job in a factory.

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    Re: How did you learn the Machinist trade?

    Took Metal Shop for 4 years in High school.
    Joined the Navy in 1977. When looking at job fields I saw Machinist, However a Machinist Mate in the Navy works on steam plants. I did see a field for Machinery Repairman which is a Machinist and signed up for that. After Boot Camp went to a 12 week school in San Diego. First 2 weeks was hand tools, drill presses, and grinding tool bits. Next 6 weeks was lathes. Then 2 weeks of Milling and the last 2 weeks doing repair type work. Spent time on 3 different Repair Ships with large Machine Shops. Went to an Advanced Navy School in 1984. 18 Weeks of Precision Grinding, Turret Lathes, and advanced Milling. Toward the end of My Naval Career in the late 90's did I do any CNC.

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    Re: How did you learn the Machinist trade?

    Quote Originally Posted by popspipes View Post
    I got into it in my twenties, always had a love for anything mechanical and machine parts, I got into RC model boats that I needed hardware for, bought a 6" Atlas, and a converted drill press was my mill and progressed from there. Worked as a mechanic, welder, machinist in a dairy for 20 years, and worked for myself for another 20 years welding and machine shop, retired and now am doing cnc work, self taught cad cam etc., 75 and still going and still love it and it keeps me in the shop, not in front of the TV!
    I found this one while reading posts, I am still machining at 81 years old still love it.
    mike sr

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