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View Poll Results: What machines are in your home hobby shop?

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  • Metal Cutting Lathe

    448 72.73%
  • Knee Mill

    334 54.22%
  • Surface Grinder

    121 19.64%
  • Metal Cutting Bandsaw

    362 58.77%
  • Drill Press

    493 80.03%
  • Wood Machines only

    138 22.40%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Nov 2008
    12X48 metal lathe, Series1 36" Bridgeport,Pedestal grinder,Floor drill press, 14" Band saw, Delta Belt sander, 24 X 36 " CNC router, Thunderbolt AC welder, 60 galon compressor, and more.. All in 24X 40 ft shop.
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    Sep 2009
    everything a man wished for but no cnc mill

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    Mar 2003
    CNC mill, CNC lathe, CNC router,CNC laser, CNC foam cutter, Micro lathe and drill presses.

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    Aug 2012
    Haas TM 1P (love this machine), hardinge cobra 42, band saw.

  5. #89
    My workshop is also a spare room in my house and measures 4.2 metres - although I lose 1 metre for through access, by 2.4 metres.

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    Mar 2013
    My workshop is also a spare room in my house and measures 4.2 metres - although I lose 1 metre for through access, by 2.4 metres.

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    Jan 2007
    Haas mimi-Mill and Haas SL-10 CNC Lathe. Had to set-up a Phase converter for the CNC Lathe though.
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    Mar 2005
    just rearranged and fit a few more in

    Dean Smith and Grace 13x42 lathe (the rolls royce)
    Monarch 10ee
    Maximat MQ3100 (being reconditioned and will sell it)
    Stark Instrument makers lathe
    Unimat 3 with every acceossry
    Lorch jewellers lathe

    XLO vertical mill
    Elliot Horzontal mill
    Bport Boss CNC (brushless servo retrofit)
    BCA small jig borer

    Buffalo 18" drill press
    Electro-Mechano high speed sensitive dril press
    UPT with drill head
    Precise 45k rpm speeder
    old heavy horizontal bandsaw

    39" brown boggs sheet metal shear
    24" finger brake (shopmade)
    24" roller (shop made)
    Floor model Arbor press
    carts with every concievable peice of tooling for lathes & mills

    O/A welding

    40' of bench space
    Lee valley maple woodworking bench
    26 tool boxes (well 4 are in the basement, and roller + upper = 2 etc)
    phase converter
    600V transformer
    surface plates
    central coolant system
    Leitz tool maker microscope
    2 comparators, one goes to 1/100,000"

    Norton Surface grinder
    Chevelair benchtop T&CG grinder with air bearing
    Chevelair floor model T&CG (ground up scraping reconditioning) - double as a cylindrical grinder
    Deckel lip grinder
    Christen (swiss) small drill grinder (does down to 80)
    Diamond wheel grinder
    rotary lap
    2 bench grinders
    Sunnen Honing machine
    Darex end mill grinder (proably will sell)

    ....somehow that is a ll stuck in a 2 car garage.....in the basement furnace room....

    probably 15 pieces of electronic test gear; scopes, power supplies, function generators, counters, spectrum analyzers, etc etc. Machining I'm good at, just learning electronics...the stuff just comes to me somehow!
    20 small parts drawer units

    Heat treating furnace
    vacum caster
    wax inject
    various high speed handpieces
    wax pen
    hermes engraver
    ultrasonic cleaner
    magnetic polisher
    traditional polisher

    kids are starting to head off to university....then i'll be able to expand

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    Apr 2013
    Cincinnati 10vc-1000 with Siemens retrofit and 5vc-1000

  10. #94
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    Jun 2004
    I have a 12x40 sheldon lathe, the large harbor freight mill, 7x14 mini lathe from HF, micro mill from HF, small bench top drill press from HF, 9x20 lathe fron HF, X3 mill from HF, CNC mill from littlemachineshop.com, a 8x12 lathe from HF(converting to CNC), and floor drill press. and that is not counting all the welding equipment, wood working and mechanic equipment, Oh, and tones of electronics too,(30 x 50 shop cramed full)!

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    Re: What machines are in your home hobby shop?

    water for cnc machines - Album on Imgur
    water tanks for cnc machines :violin:

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    Mar 2013

    Re: What machines are in your home hobby shop?

    Acer CNC knee mill, 16x40 Namsun gearhead lathe, 18” bandsaw, 12” disk/belt sander , cabinet saw with sliding table, jointer, planer, piles of hand and power tools.
    Really want a VMC, but just wrote first tuition check

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