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View Poll Results: Is your Hobby Shop located in your home?

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  • Yes, its in the house, basement, attack, back room...

    244 54.22%
  • Yes, its out on the breezeway exposed to the elements

    4 0.89%
  • No, its located in the detached garage or shed

    145 32.22%
  • No, its located in a remote site

    18 4.00%
  • No, its at work in the company shop.

    16 3.56%
  • Oh, if I only had my own shop to tinker in!

    23 5.11%
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    Apr 2009

    7,500 miles away

    My woodshop is going to be in Kansas, but I live in Saudi Arabia. I'm setting up an R&D center for my ideas, and my brother's spare time. I've got a woodshop here that I use, but I'm really excited about having my own - even though it'll be 7,500 miles away.

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    Jan 2007
    Mine is in my garage. I have one of those funky garages that has a little storage addition on the side. It is 11'6" x 10'6". It is all concrete block. I studded it out and turned it into a rather nice heated shop for woodturning. Then my machining bug hit me from years ago, so then I had to get a few metal working machines, and well, now I have a pretty packed shop. I have 2 wood lathes, wood bandsaw, metal bandsaw, Sieg SX3 CNC Mill, HF 8 x 12 lathe (manual so far), 8' workbench a few mobile table stands, dust collector, and shelves all around the ceiling.

    I'm a little packed, but it's a very workable space and I have managed to pack 5 people in there all turning on wood lathes at the same time (woodturners get together) and we were comfortable. I did have to move a few machines out to the main garage tho for that one.


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    Jan 2004
    mine is in my apartment. i got a homebrew desktop cnc on my actual desk. not much fun cleanin up when i wanna make somethin

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    Dec 2004
    Yep in my "computer room" right next to my electronics bench. More here

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cabinet_800.jpg  

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    Mar 2008
    "My" home shop is one that's not truly mine, but my Dad's, and it's at his house about 7.5 miles form me. I was the one who put the machines in as gifts to him, and nearly all of the tooling. He's a retired toolmaker/moldmaker who just tinkers from time to time, and (sadly) I know that one day in the future it's going to be "all mine." He's 77, I'm 50. I try not to think about that though, because for now we're having a lot of fun with it.

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    Jun 2005
    well mine is mostly in the a attached garage but my compressors and bead blasting cabinet is on the back porch and I use the kitchen stove to bake my powder coating parts ....... maybe one day I'll get a large shed but that's a nightmare trying to get the permit form the city

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    Mar 2014

    Re: Is your Hobby Shop located in your home?

    Its my attached garage. Small and peaceful.

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    Sep 2006

    Re: Is your Hobby Shop located in your home?

    Hi, if you're having space problems, maybe you could think back to the war days in UK when some people dug air raid shelters and outfitted them for the duration.....underground..........our air raid shelter was big enough to sleep 2 adults and 2 children in bunk style beds.........after the war it got filled in and grassed over.

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    Jan 2006

    Re: Is your Hobby Shop located in your home?

    2 lots away. I built a new shop, 25x34x12, 6 skylights, 10x10 glass door, 7x7 bath/shower, 14x25 mezzanine and a pad out back,34x10.
    O 200 amp service also.

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    Oct 2003

    Re: Is your Hobby Shop located in your home?

    Woodworking n metal stuff in the basement, automotive stuff in the dedicated detached garage.
    Always so much to do/play with but never enough time...

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    Oct 2008

    Re: Is your Hobby Shop located in your home?

    My machining hobby was never planned to happen. I was a licensed contractor for over 20 years and I built a 3000 SqFt warehouse next to my house for my contracting busiess. Just a tiny little office with a file room, back office, communication closet and a bathroom that I never finished. Still have to go in the house. I only ran a 100 amp service to my warehouse. Figured I'd NEVER even need that since the AC for the office was the biggest load. Thought I might run a few hand tools or an air compressor at most in the warehouse. A few computers in the office. Now there are 3 lathes, 6 mills, a CNC router, 3 drill presses, 4 soon to be 5 welders, and a 5 grinders in the shop. Along with that is a hard plastic injection machine (benchtop), a couple microwaves for cooking some plastics, an oven for powder coating, and melting pots for pewter, lead, and tin. Its common for their to be 3 mills running simultaneously, and not un common for me to have 4 running. I often do work on one of the lathes while the mills are running, but all lathes are manual so only one at a time with them. When I get a few machines going at once I have to mentally tally my electrical budget and account for the possible peak load of the air compressor or air conditioning compressor kicking on. I "almost" never weld when anything else is running. Occasionally I'll do some light gage MIG, but I have to remind myself there is a reason 2 (soon to be 3) of my welders require a 50 amp circuit.

    If there is anything I would take away from this is if you ever build a shop calculate your service sub panel for twice what you think you could ever need, and then double that.
    Bob La Londe

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