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    Oct 2013


    Hey all, looks like there is lots of information within this website so I look forward to wading through it all.

    In the mean time, me and a friend have just purchased a second hand CNC machine made around 2001 by AXYZ. it is a MILLENNIUM model with a 900x900mm bed size.

    It was mothballed aprox 2 years ago due to the owner no longer needing it for her business and has sat in storage ever since.

    Now given some pretty standard problems given its time in storage like the 10mm of dust gathered over it. it seems to be in reasonable condition especially given the price.

    Nothing is obviously broken other than the separate vacuum bed on it, which has a cracked pipe where it joins to the machine bed, and the honeycombed MDF bed which forms the vacuum surface was knackard so has been stripped off and cleaned back to the aluminium surface bed. All of this I can fix no problem and am quite happy to use surface clamps for the time being.

    However this is where my knowledge stops and where I turn to you in the hope that someone can help me in my quest to get this thing going.

    It powers up OK but but apart from this I can not got any life out of her. Where should I start? AXYZ want 600+VAT just to come and look at the thing even if they tell me its only good for the scrap pile, so was hoping to gather some opinions on here first.

    Many thanks.

    Sam and Natalie

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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Jan 2013


    Not sure if you ever got this running? I am in Michigan and also have a Millennium around the same year.
    Let me know , maybe I can help?

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    May 2006


    I have two Axyz Millennium 1995 and 1998. if I can help I am available

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