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    Exclamation Sodick EX21 CPU problem


    I have a Sodick EX21 control with the CPU 02 stopped!! When the computer is loading the system and get the step 46 or 48 I got the message E016 CPU Stop.

    I've check the battery in both CPU and are OK

    Somebody know what could happend??



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    is all 3 LED's lit up on both CPU boards? Did you check the 5 volt power supply and make sure it's working and doesn't have any AC running on it?

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    Aug 2010

    On the first CPU the leds are normal. The green is ON, the yellow is blinking fast and the second yellow is OFF On the second CPU the green is ON, the yellow is ON and the second yellow is OFF.

    Before the fail on the second CPU the second yellow was blinking slowly. When the system is loading the third yellow led (on the second CPU) is blinking fast as always, the problem is when the screen gets the 46 or 48 step the second led gets ON and stays like that. Then I get the message I mentioned on the screen.

    I've check the 5V PS and it's working.

    Thanks for your kind support.

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    Re: Sodick EX21 CPU problem

    how did you resolve this error?
    I have the same on my A535 MK25?

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