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    Grizzly G0704 vs. Quality Machine Tools/Precision Matthews PM-25MV


    I'm new to this forum, and preparing to purchase either a Grizzly G0704 or a Quality Machine Tools (QMT)/Precision Matthews PM-25MV. I've been told by QMT that the quality of their machine is much better (better electronics, no need to scrape/lap, etc.) than the grizzly.

    I'm leaning toward QMT, but trying to VERIFY that the quality really is better. I found some old posts about QMT when they had quality problems, but does anyone out there have RECENT experience with them, especially the PM-25MV or PM-20MV, and could help me decide between QMT and Grizzly?

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!


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    Just got my PM-25MV last week. The quality seems VERY nice. I haven't had a look at the G0704 so I can compare. The motor controller is a KB Electronics. The controller on the G0704 is supposedly a KB clone. Compared to Hoss's videos, the trim pots are in the same location. Need to find my Dykem so I can check for high spots on the ways. The spindle bearings have a higher speed rating so you can do a RPM mod without swapping bearings.

    For me, the price was the same between the PM-25MV (no sales tax) and G0704 (WA state sales tax). I also prefer blue to green. :-) The shipper QMT used was stress free. Easy to schedule an delivery time and was there in the first half. Even narrowed the delivery window by 3 hours. There was no damage from shipping.

    All in all, I'm pretty happy.

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    Thanks for your posting in reply to mine, and glad to know you're so satisfied. I went ahead and ordered a PM-25MV the other day and look forward to seeing it myself.

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