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    Omni tech CNC 1212 does this machine have Limit switches and Home switches.

    Hello All,
    I am a new CNC owner, I bought a 1212 from Jinan Omni and Im trying to set up mach3. I am in the homing and limits portion of set up. My software limits work as they are supposed to, but when I enable home switch and check the diagnostics screen, the switch is enabled and I am not able to toggle it on or off. I go back to the project run screen and try to REF ALL HOME the axis begins to move toward zero but continues to run past it.

    First thing is first and this might be rudimentary but I have to know weather I have limit switches and or home switches installed on my machine right, these switches need to relate to a particular pin that the actual switch is wired to. I have enclosed a photo of my breakout board, where there should be wires associating to a particular pin, I do not have any, except for one wire associated to pin 10 called cutter. My question is does my machine have limit switches and or homes switches? My apologies for asking such a basic question but the manual for my machine is mach3 no actual machine manual, when I contact the manufacturer they just keep telling me to reference the mach3 manual. If I do not have any home or limit switches to be triggered then trying to get them to trip would be and infinite struggle, which this problem feels like at the moment. My conclusion is that I don't have any switches attached to my machine. Is this correct? Please help!

    Regards Zach
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    I might be wrong, but the wires labelled X+, Y+ and Z+ might be the limit switches. By the looks of the picture, they are all piggy backed onto pin14.

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    Yes it looks like you have limits/home switches. My OMNI is wired the same way. It sounds like your Mach3 settings need a look at. I am more then happy to help you. Post a screen shot of your ports and pins input tab.


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    I was able to get everything worked out with the switches. I was told about the XML. file that came with the manufacturers configs. Only problem that I am having now is getting the auto tool zero working. I also connected the vacuum pump. When I press the green button on the control cabinet I hear a click at the vacuum and then nothing. Any hints to hook up or turn on?


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