Dear Sirs

We have inserted Installation Boot Disk in Floppy Drive and switched ON the machine, during system check, FDD Drive OK appears, Loading start from FDD, Read Error, Loading start from HDD, Loading FlexOS then screen changes over, v get Memory = 2MB+2MB, NUMERIC PROCESSOR = 1, HARDDISK = FUJITSU, FLOPPY DISK = 2HD, error SHELL Batch Read Error 80204012

Actually we want to run chkdsk (checkdisk) to overcome SHELL Batch Read Error 80204012 and for that by using Installation boot disk, we wish to get A prompt

Floppy we are able to read in Laptop, we have tried by replacing cable between Main CPU and FDD, we have replaced Floppy drive A08B-0047-C025 with A02B-0207-C005 (used in GE Fanuc Series 160M)

Kindly advice why floppy is not being read and why we are getting Read Error

Warm Regards