Hi .
I need some advice , i plan retrofit my old bridgeport mill and i think use dmm 750w servos and dyna 3 servo drive , my plan is run servos at 3000 rpm to make machine bit faster , and i think use different breakout board not dmm one , i need more inputs and outputs so i found this 3 Axis CNC USB Card Mach3 200KHz Breakout Board | Automation Technology Inc
Mach3 200khz breakout board , looks ok, for this what i want , my question is , can i use this board with dyna 3 servo drive ,and how to wiring this board to dyna3 , and final can i get full servo speed 3000rpm with this board,
I already use dmm 400w servos and dyna2 drives on my cnc lathe and i happy with this,
Thanx for any advice -help