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    Parrellel and com port?

    im having a problem with the port im using that is suppose to connect the Break out board to the computer. ive used 2 older computers to connect to the BOB using mach3 and it did fine. the 2 older computers had the 25 pin port on board the mother board. Now i want to use a newer computer to run my cnc machine but it didnt have the 25 pin connector so i bought a "parrallel port" to put into my new computer to connect to the BOB but it still doesnt work. I noticed that in mach3 the port is labeled "com" and in my hardware settings the port that i installed is a "lpt" is their a way to change this or is "com" and "lpt" port 2 different types.

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    From my understanding, newer computers without a parallel port on board the motherboard or Laptops have a problem sending the information to the breakout board.

    You may need to purchase an Ethernet or USB smooth stepper. They are about $185.

    A Smooth stepper is the way to go anyway. Much faster, and it will allow you to connect multiple Breakout boards so you can run 6-axis if you want. (i think, i'm still reading up on them).

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    UC100 or UC300 from cncdrive is a good option too.
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    Not all cards work correctly. They need to be an EPP compatible parallel port card.

    Below is a link. You can also look for other links related to CNC applications.

    Parallel Port I/O PCI Card for PC | MyDIYCNC - Home of the DIY Desktop CNC Machine

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    You don't use the com port in Mach3 for running your machine. It can only be used for sending serial commands, which would be a custom feature added by the user.

    If you added a parallel port, it's important that you have the port address correct on the Ports and Pins screen.

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    I'm having a similar problem. I was using an old desktop, & it worked fine. I had a rapid clicking...phzzz...pop...phzzz...stop. Bugger.
    After a lot of figuring, it's the parallel port. I bought another PCI board with minimal components (looks like just one main chip), connected up, and nothing but problems. One stepper motor almost removed my fingerprints, it got up to 80 degrees C!
    Turns out it must be the problem you've addressed (it still works fine on an old laptop), I need to configure it to EPP, & I have no idea how to do that. Can it be re-configured, or is it the board itself (i.e. need to replace).
    Any ideas?

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