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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC Swiss Screw Machines > Why is my L20 VIII sparking!?!?!
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    Why is my L20 VIII sparking!?!?!

    this might do it:

    Thats what happens when the Y1 cable gets pinched on a corner and rubbed 10,000 times... number 10,001 did it in... didnt seem to do any damage though, or trip any alarms or breakers...hmmm
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    Very nice........It may not trip a breaker, the high voltage for this is first passed through the servo amp, just hope you didn't burn that up in the process. They can get pretty expensive, believe me.

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    Luckily there was no real damage other than the cable. The operator caught it pretty quickly. We had another cable in house and its back up and running surprisingly. Usually when you see sparks from a CNC machine, something is broken for a few days...

    I had a servo amp die on me at my last shop and I think it was $4 or 5k for a used one. bad times.

    I also had a module on my motherboard die and that was $3k for fanuc to determine which one it was and another $800 for a pos 1996 comically large ram chip from them...I have to get in the replacement parts business. Even simple replacement parts that look like you can make them on a bridgeport are $300+
    CNC Product Manager / Training Consultant

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