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    Post processors....

    What's your thoughts on this guys?

    Should the person who has worked hard on writing them give them away free of charge??

    If you think they should... Would you give a somebody $500 - $4000 of your time for nothing?

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    We are all dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants...

    Where did that giver of yours get his knowledge from? (public education, free-time hobbyist, at work, ...)

    What resources were used? (personal/employer, closed-/open source, credit-payed or cash)

    Was his input a proper documentation or did he perform some kind of research?

    Does his activity prompt people to purchase from parties unrelated to him?

    And does he enjoy to give away?

    Does he receive credit by at least attaching his name to the script?

    There is a bit more then a time clocking on a project to your question.

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    Re: Post processors....

    i have a post for Powermill 12

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