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    low cost portable machine?

    looking for a low cost machine for engraving only no cutting
    what are my options ?

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    Hi, all chinese laser engravers should be low cost for you You can search more in the forum and choose.

    While for mini ones, you can also think about buying from your local. Becaus the price you get from them and from us (plus cost) are similar.
    G.Weike Laser
    melody@vip.163.com li@wklaser.com skype:melody.gweike

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    How portable are some of these machines How fragile are they.
    I am just lookin for basic info so I can make an educated choice

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    Hi all
    Thunder Laser is a professional provider of laser cutter and laser engraver. We always focus on providing good quality products and best service to the users of our laser systems.
    Here has a portable machine, may be it will be suit to do engraving jobs for you
    Please click this link for get more details: MINI60- Desktop Laser System
    If you are interest in it, please feel free to contact with us by email sales@thunderlaser.com or tech@thunderlaser.com

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