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    Newbie asking for some feedback on entry level CNC plasma!

    Hi Everyone!

    I am a newbie, and I am in the market for a CNC plasma table.

    I have tried researching and its tough trying to find out exactly what I need and what or who I need to stay away from. I have found a few tables I kinda like, the tables from Burntable and also Viper have caught my attention.

    I think I would prefer a 4X4 table, but not quite sure on which software system I would prefer. My budget is in the range of $6,000.00 -$10,000.00.

    I am interested in plasma and a wood router option, I have a couple of projects that I could really use a 3D wood router setup.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Check out our tables at:
    Home | LDR Motion Systems
    our prices are on the website:
    Pricing | LDR Motion Systems
    We offer the most bang for your buck! Everything is included except plasma cutter, if you need one we will gladly supply you a hypertherm at our cost. Our 4x8 with a air bladder water table and everything included completely assembled and ready to run is 8900$. We will add a heavy duty gantry, custom screens and 2.25hp porter cable router to that machine for 700$. That would put you within your budget. We also offer the same features in a 4x4 for 6700$. These are heavy built industrial tables, not light duty bolt together kits. References available.
    Thanks Dan

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    Whatever you get buy something with a real linear rail or suffer inaccuracies that progressively get worse over time.
    We have had good luck with our Fadals milling mostly soft steel and aluminum up to 5 axis. We are always looking for spare parts If you have a broken down Fadal give a shout.

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    My first cutter had a Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter on it. Stay way from those. Get a Hypertherm. The Thermal Dynamics machine ate consumables like no tomorrow. It cost a fortune run. I love the Hypertherm. Nozzles last about 5 times longer.

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    There are a lot of people who are curious about plasma cutting. Most of them enter the world of plasma cutting through the CNC field. The CNC Plasma Cutting Machine are one of the most valuable tools used by a wide range of industries. I hope you can find out your problem over here CNC PLASMA CUTTING MACHINES

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    For software, take a look at Vectric's Vcarve Pro. You can do wood routing and it creates needed Gcode. Also does vector editing for plasma that imports nicely into Sheetcam plasma software. It also plays well with Mach3 machine control software. Download a trial copy and play with it.
    If you have extra cash Aspire is great for 2 1/2-3D routing and vector editing


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