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    Which Solidworks Tutorial Subject You would like to see more of?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently a solidworks instructor and want to work on the next solidworks tutorial and would like to see what everyone is looking for most:

    Currently i already have solidworks 2014 Beginner & Advanced DVDs in HD (YOU CAN FIND HERE) and I'm looking to work on the next one. Please Advise on what would you like to see most so we can concentrate on the most needed training first. Here is the list of the next Solidworks Subjects i'd like to Cover.

    1. Surfacing
    2. Kinematics
    3. Mold Tools
    4. Sheet Metal
    5. Weldments
    6. Simulation

    Please let me know which of these you'd like to see good training for. Your feedback is very appreciated as we want to focus on the material that is most needed by our customers. Thank you

    Moussa Sleiman
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    There seems to be a need for kinematics coverage. Trying to use Motion Analysis (SolidWorks Premium required) to analyze forces is difficult to learn on your own, expensive (~$1k) to take a VAR course, and sketchy if you watch youtube videos. In fact, SolidWorks says having redundant mates in your analysis can lead to erroneous results, but of the 20+ youtube videos I've watched only 1 had eliminated all the redundant mates before doing their analyses!

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