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    Dec 2013

    Just wondering...

    I realize this is probably a very broad and generalized question...

    How fast are you guys running you v-carving and 3D in wood?
    Looking at doing a wine cabinet and trying to get it off the table in decent time with a good finish...
    running a techno hds with max rpm 24000.....just trial and error?

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    Oct 2013

    Re: Just wondering...

    hi pal i also own a techno hds cnc router.
    for the rpm 24000 not required.
    12000 to 15000 rpm is adequate.
    for v carving don't rum the machine too fast.
    i u can send me the design which u want to v carve then will place suggestion on it

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    Apr 2004

    Re: Just wondering...

    The smaller the bit diameter, the faster it should spin. So when you're roughing with a half-inch cutter, you don't want to do it at top speed. Run the spindle at the low end of its speed range, but not so low it starts losing torque. But if you're finish cutting with a 1/32" ball nose, or engraving with a pointed tool, you can run it flat out. V-carving is somewhere in the middle, since at the top of the stroke it's just cutting with the point, but as it dives in, more width is engaged in the cut.
    Andrew Werby

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    Jul 2018

    Re: Just wondering...

    Hi WnW - what tool sizes do you use and what is the max feed speed of the Techno? Peter

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