eBay item number. 271405732460

I built this CNc from components supplied by zero cmc of toronto canada. manufactured there, from canadian steel.. It is a work of art. here are specs. it is the 30x48 go to the zero website and search for viper xz extreme with the 30mm rails the $2750 price is for the aluminum components only, I also paid about $300 to ship, it is heavy. I had to supply in addition, the steppers, motors, breakout board, cables, computer , monitor,etc and the very strong kreg table you see. I have invested about $5000 in this, plus a zillion hours of time to get it built, up and running. it was a fun project, but the use I had intended it for never materialized. Ask any questions, I have more photos, come and see it. no shipping pickup only.

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