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    Brother TC225 parts

    I'm retrofitting Brother TC225 1987 and I have some parts to sell what I'm not going to need with new controller. Machine where these come from is fully working. I think these would the other same era Brother as well.

    Parts located in Finland and can be shipped worldwide. Also you can get deductible invoice for parts (In European Union area you don't have to pay Finnish 24% tax if you have VAT number).

    Here's list:

    2x Sanyo-Denki AC-servomotor 410W 86mm flange (code dissappeard, probably type 25BM014DXE50 & encoder E681024C0J)
    1x Sanyo-Denki servomotor 780W(?) 118mm flange (code dissappeard)
    1x Sanyo-Denki servodrive 410W+410W+780W (for three axes, no type, only code 097480983)
    1x Sanyo-Denki spindle/servodrive 4.3kW BL SUPER SERVO 20BA150FFWB0D
    1x Brother TC225 motherboard B521098-4 (English ROMs, no RS232 port!)
    1x Brother RAM board B521121-1
    1x Brother CMOS(?) board with battery box (no code)
    1x Bubble memory unit with bubble cassette (no codes)
    1x Brother TC225 safety board (no code)
    1x Nemic Lambda switching power supply (+5V, +10V, -10V) type ST5-5-5FF
    1x CRT panel with keyboard
    1x Door safety relay set
    1x Manuals (Swedish)

    I really don't prefer sell spindle motor, but if somebody have really urgent need for that, I can think selling of it too. Tool magazine parts are not on sale, I'm going to need those for sure.

    Please make offer for part/parts! More you buy, less you pay!

    Inquirys via PM or email johannesthelen (at) thelentech.com, thank you!

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    Re: Brother TC225 parts

    Here is a partial list of the drives and equipment ICS can repair. sales@ics-repair.com

    SANYO DENKI 20BA025FXWU0 Servo Amplifier
    SANYO DENKI 20BA050FFW14 Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI 20BM120MXP 3K Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI 60BA075FFW04 Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI 60BA100SFW01 Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI 60BA100SFW02 Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI 60BA100SFW03 Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI 60BA150SFW00 Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI PDT-203G-69 San-Driver DC motor control
    SANYO DENKI PDT-203G-691U San-Driver DC motor control
    SANYO DENKI 20BA030FFW14 Servo-Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI PRS2120C Power control card
    SANYO DENKI 60BB75FXW14 Servo Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI 20BA075FFW Servo Amplifier
    SANYO DENKI 20BA150FFW01 Servo Amp.
    SANYO DENKI 67ZA150XXXC01 BL Super Servo Drive
    SANYO DENKI APC-400C-4 Position controller.
    SANYO DENKI 20BA050FFW55 Servo-Amplifier
    SANYO DENKI 65BA030VDT13 Servo-Amplifier
    SANYO DENKI 20BA090FFW14 Servo Amplifier
    SANYO DENKI 20BA100FFW01 Servo Amplifier
    SANYO DENKI 60BA100SFW05 Servo Amplifier
    SANYO DENKI 60BA150SFW03 Servo Amplifier.
    SANYO DENKI Tachogenerator For 20BM120MXP Motor

    you can reach them by emailing sales@ics-repair.com

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    Dear jone

    do you have these parts still in hands?


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