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IndustryArena Forum > CAD Software > Cadkey / KeyCreator > Defective USB lock for my KeyCreator version 4.5
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    Defective USB lock for my KeyCreator version 4.5

    Is there is a fix to bypass a defective USB for my old version 4.5 KeyCreator?

    I had not used the software for a few years, but recently I installed it on a new computer and the lock did not allow the program to open. I have been in contact with Kubotek about 3 times since then. They sent me a new license file to see if that would correct the problem, but it didn't correct the problem.

    In conversation with sales person they told me that they quit using the USB lock because some people had the same problem I have. They said they had a small stock of the USB lock that they can configure and they would sell me one for $100. They didn't think that they should replace a defective lock for not cost to the customer, therefore the customer should bare (most of?)the cost for Kubotek to replace the lock. Also, the sales person said that they wouldn't warrant a new USB lock.

    I downloaded a diagnostic program from the key maker and checked the lock. it seemed to not be "broken", so maybe the specific program for Key Creator is defective. I ask the salesman if I could return the lock and they reprogram. No they wouldn't try that. I don't blame them, that's risky.

    I am presently using my old Cad Key 99, thanks that it still works on Win XP, but I want to use my KeyCreator. The keyCreator software is good 3D software for small computers and it is just fine for a independent small office.

    I'm asking if some user expert has a fix (other than buying a new lock) for my KeyCreator so that I can use it?

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Re: Defective USB lock for my KeyCreator version 4.5

    There will be different options available for this problem, some locks required proper settings of it. You need to understand first properly then try to fix it. That I used the services from https://affordablelocksmithfl.com/ and get the best results from it.

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