Combinated Closed-loop Stepper motor controller and stepper motor driver,with motion control card functions,CAN contection directly to PC,AC220V Directly input launching

The CD860 Closed-Loop& Digit Stepper Motor Driver is a Closed-Loop control controller and driver integrated stepper motor driver, has motion control card function, so it is don’t need extra stepper motor controller and motion control card, this stepper motor driver working in encoder timing feedbacks and compensations to avoid any errors(steps lose, overswing, etc.) of the stepper motor.
The system accept the digit parcels, directions control, CAN port make it is more convenient to the PC, achieve long-distance monitor and operation.
The Stepper Motor driver adjust the current base on the load, it is reduce the stepper motor heating and shake, extend the stepper motors life, and ensure the equipment operation safe, has overload ,position errors, etc. Multi-protection and alarm functions, it is convenient for the host PC monitor and control.

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