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    NCstudio 8.2 Going back to mechanical origin. Please help!

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a very new in CNC. I have purchased Chinese router and now one moth later still not able to work with it. Hope that you may have the answers to few questions.
    I have Ncstudio v8.2 and have stuck with setuping of router on "Going back to mechanical origin" step.
    It performs precise calibration first on z axis, passes it and star apears next to z in NC state window. Then it performs calibration on y an x axis and doing that it stops with alarm. It shows that x and y axis are callibrated with star indication next to x and y axis in NC state window. Star disapears next to z. And two errors shows in O/I window saying that z and y axis limit switches are on.
    Then I toggle polarity for those axis, restarting, moving along axis a little away from switches, toggling polarity again back to N,
    restarting, starting "Back to mechanical origin" and there it does again same thing. With polarities on P it goes nuts when reaching limit switch motor doesn't stop, but continues to move axis and starts to squeak like crazy.
    What I'm doing wrong? How to perform Back to mechanical origin operation correctly? Is there a away to skip that step?

    Please help.
    Best regards,
    Private (putinas at gmail.com)
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    Re: NCstudio 8.2 Going back to mechanical origin. Please help!

    Dear Rob,

    This is Engineer from Weihong, manufacturer of Ncstudio, please catch me on Skype: charles.weihong, we can do some remote control to deal with the issue.

    Best Regards

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    Arrow Re: NCstudio 8.2 Going back to mechanical origin. Please help!

    Hello Engr. Weihong,
    I am new to ncstudio and I encounter same problem with the post you replied.
    The problem is the y-axis goes off course from its workspace (green lines) and I dont know how to bring it back.
    I hope you can reply and help me with the problem. Thank you.

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