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    Linear Guide Rail Selection - sizing


    I am designing a cnc mill for myself and my question is: how do you calculate the correct rail size given the size of the machine? Looking at the pdf from Hiwin it appears that you need to calculating dynamic, static and moment load ratings so really the question is how do you do that?

    Thanks, Ron.

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    Re: Linear Guide Rail Selection - sizing

    Hello Ron - Firstly what size spindle or motor are you putting on the mill? Then you need to know the distance from the tool to the various rails to calculate the moments. From the moments you can calculate the loads then you look at the manufacturers specs and check the bearing meets these specs. If you get the detailed design manual from Hiwin they have worked examples for typical bearing arrangements. Cheers Peter S

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    Re: Linear Guide Rail Selection - sizing

    It's usually the deflection that determines how big you need to go on a high-precision mill.

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