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    Using a post to output to multiple work offsets - Very Easy!


    As promised please find attached a post and a simple ppf. Have done this for 2014r1 but the logic in the post can be copied into older posts - have tested back to 2012r1 using an adaptive ISO mill template. Note that I've copied the coding from a customers post and placed into a brand new out-of-the-box template post which hasn't been tested so I may not have fully checked all aspects of this post. In other words - don't just run this post and expect it to work first time. It was based on a Haas if I remember correctly.

    Open the post with 2014r1 Code Wizard, compile it and we're ready to go!

    What this post/ppf will show is a simple method of programming a part and then outputting the code to multiple work offsets. Program assumes all these work offsets are pre-set although for those who know how, the post can be amended to output G10's too.
    The ppf is simple enough - just program a 3 axis part as usual. I've kept it simple - no need for datum shifts etc.
    When you're happy with the programming, then output the code and you'll get a pop up box asking you to select how many work offsets you want to output to. The post will then output a main program - which contains all setups, toolchanges and calls to subs. The post will also output another program containing all the subs rolled into one file. Then you can either copy the subs into the main, or if you have the skills write a PDI to append both progs together and select as a run-after PDI.

    Post Coding.
    Program Start Code Con - We have a variable setting and the coding for the ask box.
    Program End Code Con - Coding that outputs any sub routines into a sub program.
    Customisation Whiteboard - Declarion of two variable - and procedure which loops the number of work offsets.
    Rapid After Toolchange/Feed After Toolchange - Coding in here is the important bit. %OUTFILE will divert the following nc code into a seperate file, in this case set by $user5=Subs.nc
    Rapid to Toolchange/Rapid to Home - This then diverts the following nc code back into the main program - so all toolchanges are in the main. Here %OUTPUT=STANDARD is thr code that does that.
    Format table - check the formats for the user variables 17 - 20 (i think).

    Guys - have a look and let me know your thoughts!


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    Re: Using a post to output to multiple work offsets - Very Easy!

    Seven years later, I really appriciate your work. I am struggling about setting my post processor and there aren't many sources on web. Your file and your other forum posts helped me, that I gain a little hope maybe I can manage with my settings.
    Thank you very much.

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