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    Used Tormach Inspection

    I am going to look at a used PCNC 1100 series 2 in a few days and was wondering if there is anything in particular that should be checked out. I bought new both a HF mini mill and a Grizzly g0704 and bought used a mini lathe and 9x20 lathe. I haven't done any cnc yet or really been around much for cnc hence the question on specifics for the Tormachs. Here is the response I received when inquiring about the use...

    "We bought it in dec 09 and it was last used in the fall of 2011. We used it for making aluminum molds for some parts we sold. My estimation is that is has around 2000 hours on it."

    Is it a concern that it has not been used for a couple of years? Just thinking coolant system and related parts.

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    Re: Used Tormach Inspection

    If properly cared for and stored, this could be easy to get going.
    These machines are not real cheap. I would guess most companies or owners would take decent care of them, or try!
    Also mac control software will show use if it has not been reset of course!
    Then checking everything for rust and damage.
    Maybe put vise or other fixture on table and indicate it square.Then run it to each of end of vise jaws with indicator still in and push / pull against x axis ends.
    Any major movement will show up big time. Might show the need for adjustment. .

    that's a few things.
    Others around here could give a much better longer detailed list

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    Re: Used Tormach Inspection

    I appreciate it. Not looking for a long list just anything specific to used Tormachs. I can kick the tires if you know what I mean but am new to Tormach and cnc in general. The guy I am buying from wasn't the operator, he runs the business. It's on the coast of NC so I will check for rust and he said he can run a program to see the axis' move. I just don't like the collar system sitting for a couple if years as I don't know much about it.

    Honestly for the price I can't pass it up unless it is blatantly abused.

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    Re: Used Tormach Inspection

    Bring an indicator and a couple of 1-2-3 blocks and use them to check tram of the spindle to the table and the amount of backlash on each axis. Run the spindle through all speed ranges and make sure it doesn't make any alarming noises. It wouldn't hurt to check runout inside the spindle nose as well. Problems in any of those may not be deal killers but could be good negotiating points.

    Will you have any problems getting it moved out of it's present location and into the new one?

    Unless the seller is to renege on the deal, it can be a good idea to bring cash for a down payment to seal the deal and take some of the tooling when you leave to dissuade someone else from offering to pay more than you agreed to. Best is to bring cash and means to transport the whole thing back home at the time of inspection. If you tell him you'll be there at a specific time, either be there at that time or call to let him know you are delayed. Motivated sellers often just want it gone and you don't want to lose out because the seller thinks you may be a no-show.


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