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    Angry no logical home position

    I have an Ajax premier lathe with 800T, the lathe works! problem the machine does not reference as all my previous lathes ie up to reference trip in Z (tailstock) and out to max Dia X on cross slide. where there is a definitive Z X position to set your work datum and tool offsets from.

    There is a pointer pop riveted to apron and one on cross slide, when you position pointers close and reference X moves slightly to (encoder pulse position) there are no pointers on bed to reference to. There are no hardware reference trips on the machine every thing is software limits you can painfully slowly build a programme from the idiot turning cycles,

    i just want to have a constant reference point, and download programme from Edgecam, I tried uploading to machine with Cimco Comms i know the machine is sending Progs out I have
    (9) pin LED reader in line and can see the send and receive pulsing as on other M/Cs but cannot get anything coming through on laptop not even the garbage you can work on by altering settings.

    Is there a way to set a consistent reference point in parameters, not affected by the Begin and End **** that instantly alters position on screen and alters it again when you put tool offsets in. no wonder the Spanish lost the Armada with 7 different size cannon balls, they have not learnt that simple is best

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    Re: no logical home position


    as you mentioned, there is no hardware reference trips and you noticed some pointers...

    this is very common in very cheap and low end lathes. this is, indeed, the most simply way to do home search.

    of course you can install electrical switches to do a "normal" home position search.

    is your 800T supplied with integrated PLC (see if you have 3 I/O connectors) if not, it is easier to install and setup.(semi-automatic apro)

    most of the times the machine OEM (not FAGOR) take very bad quality decisions.

    kind regards

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