We have a Mori Seiki SL 204 CNC Lathe with MAPPS MSG-501 Controller. Spindle and Servo Amplifiers are Mitsubishi MDS-C1-SPM & MDS-C1-V2 Series.

Occasionally during CNC operation, Spindle would suddenly stop and rock forward /reverse for few seconds. CNC would then generate "Servo Alarm PR 003E" & the Mitsubishi Spindle drive "MDS-C1-SPM-260" show an alarm '3E' on its 7 segment LED display. We would do a total Shut down of machine and restart all over again. Machine would again work good, until such time the above happens again.

From a machineries dealer, we picked up a used, but working Spindle Amplifier module "MDS-C1-SPM-260" (same as above model) and replaced it on our machine, to solve the above nagging issue.

But now when we start the Spindle with 'new drive', instantly CNC would generate a "Servo Alarm PR 0032" & the 'new' Spindle drive shows an alarm 32 on its LED display.
Alarm 32 = The IPM used in the amplifier detected "High current".

We were told, the replacement Spindle Drive is a good, working unit. We now suspect that the parameters inside the two Spindle Amplifiers are different and drive parameter setup is needed. Can we access to drive parameter area from the MAPPS MSG-501 Controller? Does anyone have a procedure for re-establishing the parameters into this 'new' drive from the original one? When this is done, we'll give it another go to try & see if the replaced Spindle drive works normal on our machine.

Thanks and all help are greatly appreciated..