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    Logo/Image on part

    Hi 'yall,

    My company is trying to add some features to our parts. We'd like to put some logo's or images on them. The photo attached is a quick cut I did with a live engraving tool and using the transmit function (C axis) on a Tornos Deco screw mahcine just to show my boss "hey, this can be done". The engraving takes a while though, I don't have a proper tool or what I could really use - a high frequency spindle. Besides engraving or stamping, are there other ways to get an image like this onto the face of a part in the machine (no secondary)? Please keep in mind this is not flat, the head the image is on is a .380" radius. Material is AISI 8620.

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    Re: Logo/Image on part

    You Would need a machine with a B-axis attachment in order to follow that radius. B-axis allows the live tool to cut at any angle. Also you may need to have the surfacing option unlocked on your machine if it's available. If it was on a flat head you could do it all day long. It's a breeze once you figure it out.

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