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    Haas ST10 tool holders

    Hello, I'm in the process of buying a Haas ST10. I'm trying to purchase tools for this machine but I'm not sure what the square stick tool dimensions of this machine are? Any info would be great. Thanks.

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    Re: Haas ST10 tool holders

    According to the Haas website, it's 3/4"

    [url=http://www.haascnc.com/mt_spec1.asp?id=ST-10&webID=2AXIS_STD_LATHE&CatID=Standard]Haas ST-10 | Haas Automation

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    Re: Haas ST10 tool holders

    I need to get a bigger cutoff tool but the Iscar/Hertel/walter ones I look at need the 25MM holder - all us St10 people have 19mm or .750

    can I just cut the bottom to .750 and will tool be on center?

    I need to cutoff 4.00 diameter and my current walter can only go 3.1 with 19mm shank
    Eddie D
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    Re: Haas ST10 tool holders

    ST10 with VDI toolholder and the type of tool holders VDI40 use tools with holders of 25 * 25. Although it is possible in the United States it is not.


    Identify the characteristics of the machine in Russian, but google will always help you.

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    Re: Haas ST10 tool holders

    I read that the VDI toolholder system is not as ridged as the BOT type tools. Is that correct?

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    Re: Haas ST10 tool holders

    ST-10 arrived and all the .75 tooling I purchased work great.
    I simply put the tool in, set some arbitrary depth, snugged it up and viola, it's cutting on center already!

    My first project is cutting some Delrin.
    In the past I would grind my own tools from HSS.. Nice and sharp, perfect for plastic.
    I can't imagine buying 3/4" HSS blanks to grind for my cutters.
    How would you do it? Use something like 3/8 or 1/2 and shim it to fit the 3/4 holder?
    Maybe there is some type of holder already on the market?


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