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Thread: Fagor 8060

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    Fagor 8060


    I have 2 milling machines with fagor 8055 and i use " (EXEC P100000,HD) " to call program 100000.
    Now i buy a new milling machine with fagor 8060 and the command (EXEC P100000,HD) don't work.
    I already try with no luck:
    #EXEC ["MYPRG.NC"]

    How can i call programs?????

    Best Regards,
    Marco Gaspar

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    Re: Fagor 8060

    Hello MarcoGAspar

    the instruction #EXEC["MYPRG.NC"] will search for a program named MYPRG.NC inside "c:\fagorcnc\users\prg" folder by default. if your program have another name or is stored in another folder you will get an error. can you post the error displayed by the control?

    you also can change the default folder using the #path instruction.

    kind regards

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