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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > OKK > Got a problem with OKK MCV 520.
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    Got a problem with OKK MCV 520.

    Hello Everyone!
    We did a transport on our OKK MCV 520. The System on it is a Fanuc, its an old machine.
    When we plugged in the machine we got an error code: "EX 37, Broken Thermal For Motor"
    Anyone got any idea where to start?

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    Re: Got a problem with OKK MCV 520.

    This was one year ago so I assume that you already found the solution.

    I had the same alarm, it was an open line of 24VDC thas goes thru the magnetic/thermal breakers.


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    Re: Got a problem with OKK MCV 520.

    Hello, I just plugged in ab old OKK MCV820 that I picked and I'm getting the same error code: Broken Thermal For Motor, can anyone elaborate on erd39030's response?

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