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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > K2CNC > Feed Rate Issue- K2 says: "200 in/min max" Mach3 says: "Running at 800"
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    Feed Rate Issue- K2 says: "200 in/min max" Mach3 says: "Running at 800"

    Hey Guys! I'm having a weird issue, and was hoping someone might be able to help me out.

    I have been trying to tune my machine to make sure that I'm cutting slow/fast enough for the parts I have, and so I'm trying to use correct feed rates with Cam software (I'm using CamBam and Mach3 for the controller).

    By watching the machine operate, and playing with feed rates, it looks like I should be going at like 800- which seems CRAZY high. After contacting a K2 rep, I was told that the fastest my machine should/could go is 200 inches/min (80 inches/min for typical speed). So... what's going on here? What setting do I need to correct? How do I tune my machine so that when I put 200 in CamBam, it's running at top speed in Mach3, instead of like 800?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Feed Rate Issue- K2 says: "200 in/min max" Mach3 says: "Running at 800"


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    Re: Feed Rate Issue- K2 says: "200 in/min max" Mach3 says: "Running at 800"

    Is mach3 set to metric or standard? It looks like you are nowhere near 200ipm. It's hard to tell speed from a video without knowing the actual distance traveled. I suspect your. Running closer to 30ipm when set to 800 and are actually in metric. If not you may have other issues with your steps per unit settings. It's impossible to say without more info. What are your mach settings? What is the pitch and pulley ratios for your screw etc...


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    Re: Feed Rate Issue- K2 says: "200 in/min max" Mach3 says: "Running at 800"

    Looks like your g-code has a feedrate of 800, and your FRO is set to 29%, for a feedrate of 232ipm.
    What are your velocity settings in Motor tuning. They will be the upper limit that the machine can move at, regardless of the commanded feedrate. I'd guess that your motor tuning is set to maybe 40-50 ipm?

    Make sure your Default units are set to inches, and that the machine travels the correct distance.

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