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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > Need help with stuck Z Axis on QD6090 CNC - Please!
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    Question Need help with stuck Z Axis on QD6090 CNC - Please!

    We recently purchased the 6090 from China and after having to order a computer with Windows XP to run the software, we tried to cut our first piece. Everything started off well enough, but the first cut was well into the spoiler board and the second was even worse. Now, the Z axis is stuck and will not move up or down. Does anyone know how to reset this or fix it? Any help is much appreciated. Shan

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    Re: Need help with stuck Z Axis on QD6090 CNC - Please!

    Check that mechanically at least, the Z Axis Ball Screw is able to rotate relatively freely by hand when no power is applied. You should feel a little resistance which is normal, but it should not bind anywhere. If that is OK, check all the wiring going to the Z Axis for continuity, if that is OK then check for a blown fuse feeding the Z Axis Motor Driver, likely an M542 type or equivalent. If the Driver's Power Supply is there, probably around the 48V mark, and it still refuses to move the Motor, swap the wiring over with one of the other Driver modules to rule out the Driver module. if it still doesn't work, swap the Z axis plug on the breakout board with another Axis and try again by jogging whichever Axis it was you swapped with. If that still doesn't produce movement let me know.

    Remember, when you get it working again, to always zero your tooling to whatever you have set zero to in your software. If you have set zero to the top of the material you are cutting in your software, you need to set that at the machine, likewise if you set it at the bottom of your material in your software you need to set it to the bottom of your material on the machine (top of the spoil board).
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