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    Hello everyone
    I have the following question:
    Yesterday I have programmed a 3D contour on a work piece, Unfortunately the milling result was dissatisfying.
    I first did 3D offset finishing. 0,02mm path distance and Z infeed - result was dissatisfying again because several spaces were not processed at all and also the milling paths were also clearly visible on the part.
    I wanted to try finishing it once again with zigzag – however here I was only able to enter the path distance and a Z infeed of 0,5mm- which is way too much for a ball cutter D10 in Vanadis23 HRC65. PEPS kept crashing and several tool paths could not be calculated.
    Does anybody know how low the path distance and Z infeed can be for zigzag finishing? I should be able to go down lower than 0,5mm?!

    Can anybody help me out?
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    I cannot quite imagine how the part looks like.
    If you are able to post a sketch then I can have a look at it.

    It always depends on the 3D for Offset finishing I would use max. 30 degree!

    For zigzag you definitely get less than 0,5! The easiest way was with the combination finishing- offset and z-constant finishing in one processing (it’s the professional extension which includes trochoidal milling)

    Kind regards

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