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    I heard something about WorkNC fromm SUPPORT,
    but I am searching for customer with experiance in 5 axis !

    We have a 5 axis milling center "dual table" with TNC430 controler ( cleartext )

    Can "WorkNC Post" generate this cleartext with cycle19 or plane function ?? Or is the output only in DIN ?

    Sorry for my bad english, I am from hungary,


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    Hello Bredaslaw,

    In my oppinion there's no problem to get a "cleartext"-output of your programm with WorkNC. This is a matter of your postprocessor. If the setup of your post is right..... With TNC430 you can only use the cycl.19 if you have a iTNC530 you can use the plane-function. Ask your support for WorkNC they should help you better than I can, because I'm not working with this CAM-system. But it should not be a problem so solve it with the Hotline from WorkNC-Support. Perhaps you need a new Post but that might be all.....


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