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    I am new to the WorkNC area or generally the CAM area. In our form we have now WNC. I have been on a training course, so far everything is clear to me. I am only unsatisfied with the PP. I already called the hotline but they told me to look at the help file which explains how to adjust the PP. That however is too difficult for me.
    So that’s why I ask here if anybody could help me out.
    I would like for example that the feed stands in TOOL CALL mode and correspondent that this then goes as AUTO into the milling paths. MAX should stand in the rapid traverse cause only then I can control it from the machine , disjoint from the feed.

    Here again the circumstances:
    WorkNC in the 20th version
    A DMG DMF 260 with a swivel head (B-axle)
    With a Heidenhain iTNC530

    I hope you could help me a little bit
    Thanks a lot

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    Hallo CNCn00b,
    I can't share your experience with the hotline. So far, they have adjusted almost every PP for me or help me accordingly.

    Can it be that you have no maintenance or something similar?

    Regarding your PP I cant help you im afraid… I’m not to familiar with it either. But I would advise you to talk with the hotline again.


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    Oha, that the first time I hear something like that about the WNC hotline…usually they make ‘almost’ everything possible.
    And normally your PP should be there on stock…. They have there a few hundreds ‘lying’ around in all variations

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