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    I am new in Work NC- just finished my first trainings course. That’s why I don’t have much experience yet.

    My question: I have a model of a car from the internet which is a step. File- so all no problem.
    I can open the file and everything is displayed well. However when I measure the car with the measuring system, then it’s 500mm long. Which is really too big... I want to decrease the car to around 100mm so that I can process it on my milling machine. When I try it over scaling, the measurements don’t change at all.
    Can anybody help me out?

    Kind regards

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    You do the whole thing in Work NC not in CAD.
    Well then you done everything correct, then your part always stays the same size in the Visu- only the postprocessor scales your component part.
    It’s a bit confusing but it works.
    As an alternative, you can scale your part also in CAD. Over the menu bar “copy” or move you can find the correct key

    Regards tounge.gif

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