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    Hello everyone

    I am looking for a Cam system to engrave a girthed area. The software should be able to have the function “ dwindling”.
    We work with Inventor 2011 and a DMG DMC 635v eco with a forth axis and high speed spindle.
    there are 2 options for me:
    1) To find a good software that might even be integrable into Inventor and which is also suitable for 2,5D processing AND engraving with dwindling.
    2) Find a cheap software that is not so comfortable for the normal 2,5D processing but good for the 4 axis engraving.

    For version 1) I would have a budget of about 4-6T €
    For version 2) under 2T €

    Thank you in advance for any good hints.


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    Try Sprutcam 7. You can simply download a demo version for free!

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    I have downloaded the demo version. However so far not even the registration (Socket error) works so I cannot test it at the moment.
    However I have read a lot about it on several website.
    I think an indexed 4-axis milling will not offer the desired result. Actually I want it like this:
    -I position my milling head over my 4th axis.
    -the Y axis gets “deactivated”, the Y axis gets simulated over the rotation-axis
    - now mill simultaneously with 3 axis (x,z,c)

    On our Traub turning machine this function is called POLYFORM

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